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The Importance of Client Success Lifecycle: 5 Phases to Maximize Your IT Investments

The Importance of Client Success Lifecycle: 5 Phases to Maximize Your IT Investments

By Travis Richards, Director of Consulting Services, cStor

Client Success Lifecycle

Today’s IT landscape is deep and wide, and everything has a lifecycle – whether that be software, hardware or processes. Many companies lack the time and expertise to effectively navigate this complicated and ever-changing lifecycle path that the pace of today’s businesses demand. Understanding and knowing when something is no longer adding value to your organization – or maybe more importantly when something newer could add more value – is important.

Today’s IT leaders are struggling to meet growing demands from the business and keep staff skilled in the latest technology innovations while continuing to design, implement, optimize and proactively maximize their infrastructure investments. That means architecting change, developing and implementing new solutions, and continually monitoring and optimizing systems for peak performance becomes challenging, creating a potential for high-risk.

Rely on Experts for Lifecycle Success

Maintaining the lifecycle of your IT environment is critical to keeping the business running smoothly around the clock. With cStor’s client success lifecycle, we help clients proactively navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

Our expert teams work together with your team to help clients create, maintain and archive the correct lifecycle balance by breaking down the lifecycle into five categorize.

Technology Innovation

With the wide IT landscape combined with constant innovation and change, it’s important to understand the technology that is currently available as well as a roadmap that helps you select current and future solutions that will meet ongoing, specialized business needs and maximize your competitive advantage. cStor experts understand both current and future innovations through real-world knowledge and experience about how technology impacts clients. This helps our clients choose the correct solutions for now and into the future.

Architecture and Design

Our team of experts works to understand clients’ business drivers, goals and needs in order to architect the best solutions based on client-specific needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all for IT solutions.


Correct implementation after architecture and design is the cornerstone of future business success, helping you realize the most from your IT investment. Implementation services ensure the solutions are implemented correctly according to best practices and optimized to your business’s unique needs. This helps maximize your IT investment and accelerates meeting your business goals and objectives.

Manage and Optimize

With thoughtful management and optimization of the lifecycle, expert engineers review your environment on a regular cadence for environmental health, best practice adherence and to gather insight into the unique requirements of your business. From there, cStor objectively evaluates system health while identifying potential areas for improvement and optimization. This ensures that you continue to get the most out of your investment, and you continue to meet business needs throughout the lifecycle.

Lifecycle and Refresh

Understanding your IT lifecycle and when to refresh is key to keeping your business’s completive advantage. Refresh is important when your IT solutions reach the end of their effective usefulness, ensuring they don’t cross the line from supporting your business to impacting your business. It also leads back into what technology innovations have occurred or will be forthcoming since implementation in order to help restart your lifecycle circle.

Following cStor’s client lifecycle path allows a proactive approach to maintaining the health and efficiencies of your environment and allows experts to assist throughout all the stages to maximize your IT investments and help drive business success. For more information on cStor’s lifecycle management services, contact us today.

About Travis Richards
As the Director of Consulting Services, Travis is responsible for managing the delivery team for all services sold and overseeing the success of all 3rd party services engagements. Travis works closely with the customer and sales teams to ensure technical services are delivered in an outstanding fashion to achieve the results clients desire and are accustomed to.
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