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cStorITtrend-516277_960_720It’s that time of year when we take a look at goals and refine strategies to make things happen. IT needs are a critical aspect of the plan. What changes in the datacenter will most affect your business? At cStor, we see three main areas every IT professional must consider. And, we bring our expertise to each area in order to assist you in designing, managing, and protecting your data assets.

STRUCTURE. This year, the cloud will continue to expand opportunities for IT. Many companies have developed a hybrid datacenter and we expect to see evolution of a hybrid IT universe with diverse datacenter assets on-site and off-site. IT staff will be managing more and more equipment remotely. Agility—the ability to quickly move data assets to new facilities and set up new services to meet business needs—will be a crucial quality in designing the data center. Self-identifying and self-discovering will be important characteristics of data center architecture. With the foreseeable growth in IoT—where companies capture and manipulate data to create useful information—there will be growing pressure on data centers to support these applications, especially in healthcare, financial services, and other enterprises. Many data center configurations will rely on convergence and software-defined infrastructure to automate, discover, provision and locate tasks.

At cStor, our solution experts work with you to look back at where you were, define where you are, and map out where you want to go—building in capabilities for possible roadside attractions. Then we map out a solution to meet your very specific needs. We navigate the landscape of options to develop the best solution for your datacenter in the most cost efficient manner. Creating the right structure for the right job does right by the client every time.

SERVICES. Data center management will need to bring together all the facets of IT from everywhere to meet needs while providing new services and capabilities. IT will need to provide cloud services which could take many forms whether on site or off site. Teams will need to synchronize in order to perform optimally and remain agile. Outside sources will provide a menu of tasks from configuration and installation to administration and IT management with an eye on increasing demands for data security.

The cStor service experts are ready to help optimize your infrastructure, provide worry-free installation of hardware and software, assist smooth data migration, manage services, get you to the cloud, and augment staff. When you need collaboration, knowledge, and agility for your data center, we can fill those shoes.

SECURITY. One of the most challenging needs of the data center will be monitoring and protecting everything that brings IT together. Recent high profile data breaches have brought the issue of security to attention among executives who were hesitant to budget for it. Security is about protecting data assets whether in the cloud or not, from threats inside and out.

With cStor at the helm, security is at the forefront of every data center effort. Our experts bring you intelligent data protection solutions so you can carry on with confidence.

While there are many nuances to the IT landscape for 2016 and beyond, cStor brings it together with deep technology expertise. The best solutions include creating and then monitoring infrastructure, performance, and security to keep you on track to meet and exceed your business goals. At cStor, we can help take you from your existing infrastructure to where you need to be with forward thinking solutions—that is our mission.

Walt Westfall
About Walt Westfall
As the Director of Business Development, Walt is focused on business growth among cStor’s largest partners. He brings 30 years of experience in high-tech and IT business development. Westfall is charged with leveraging his expertise in IT, storage, digital transformation and cybersecurity to help clients understand where to go with their infrastructure and how to manage, share and protect their data to provide the most ROI. His technical and business acumen and management expertise stem from years of high-tech and IT business development. His leadership experience includes companies such as NetApp, EMC, WD McMillan Consulting and Sanas Technologies (an application aware data-management software startup business). Walt attended Eastern Washington University along with the Executive and Enterprise Leadership Education Program at Babson College.

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