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Why Make the Leap to cDOT?

By Pete Schmitt

So what is cDOT exactly? In short it’s the latest and greatest operating system platform from NetApp. This grid architecture is where companies want and need to be.  It allows customers to seamlessly migrate their data by moving it to clustered Data ONTAP.  It’s not an inexpensive solution but based on non-disruptive operations, seamless scalability and the zero downtime CDOT can be a long-term solution and great investment.

You might be asking yourself, “Pete, what’s are the challenges?” Well, the hurdle for most customers is data migration, which usually comes in the form of a complete conversion of their current infrastructure.  This is where we come in. We help customers through this process by being a value added retailer that provide solutions that are specific to the customer and can ease the frustration and potential nightmare of data migration.

The benefits of a solution like cDOT are performance, mobility, availability,  the ability to service hardware without customers knowledge or disruption and again, absolutely zero downtime.  Meaning, that your customers will never be effected while maintenance is being performed – regardless if the maintenance is planned or unplanned. How cool is that?

Who should consider a transition?

  1. Pervious customers on 7mode because at some point 7mode will no longer be available
  2. Existing NetApp customers
  3. Customers who want to leverage a non-disruptive operation
  4. Customers who want seamless updates to their three to five year technology refresh
  5. Customers whose business drivers justify the need

In short, transitioning to cDOT with NetApp provides a repeatable, prescriptive approach that makes a whole lot easier.  It helps to smooth your transition to the clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system and delivers non-disruptive operations (NDO). It also adds massive scale that can accommodate mixed workloads and multiple SLAs on a shared infrastructure. This means you can gain unparalleled performance, mobility and availability without any disruption to daily operations.

You don’t have to wait to take advantage of the increased availability, efficiency, and scalability of clustered Data ONTAP. NetApp offers a repeatable, prescriptive methodology to reduce risk, accelerate execution, and guide you to a successful transition.  This is the next level of grid architecture, make the leap.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about the benefits of transition to cDOT with NetApp.

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