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Utilize the Cloud to Store a Copy of Your Backups Using cStor’s “Any” to Cloud Storage Service

Cloud Backup provides businesses drop-in access to public cloud storage with local-like performance without changes to the existing backup infrastructure. Simply change the target of the backup application to the Whitewater appliance, and Cloud Backup manages the deduplication, encryption and transmission to the cloud. No changes to jobs, policies, or schedules are required.

Utilize the cloud to store a copy of your backups using cStor’s “Any” to cloud storage service.

  1. Designed to maximize performance and minimize cost
  2. Attaches seamlessly to a wide array of backup software applications
  3. Always open, 7X24X365 availability
  4. Quick Implementation
  5. No additional facilities investments

Reduce cost and improve efficiencies by leveraging cStor cloud-based offerings-to learn more call for a demonstration 877-278-6781 or visit us at Download the PDF below to learn more about cStor’s VMware to cloud services.

Brinkster VMWARE – PDF

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