As the VDI and mobility market continues to evolve and mature, several key trends will emerge around how clients deploy their platforms: Embedded Security Features – Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions will increasingly enable the control and configuration of devices, distribution enablement, and access control of apps and users, as well as control over how data is manipulated, used and consumed on devices. No Longer Just for End-User Computing – Beyond the management of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, EMM is starting to emerge as an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Support and security for these non-traditional IoT devices will play a key role in mobility deployment strategy, and the key functionalities, especially around security policy enforcement for these IoT scenarios. Increased Integration with Mobile App Tools – EMM platforms will start working more closely with mobile app development tools to lower the barrier from app creation to deployment, providing feedback loops to app creators around app usage trends in user experience and monitoring of app usage, enhancing end-user experience for EMM deployments. Source: IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software Market Shares, May 2016


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