Say Goodbye to Device Management Headaches

Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) have forever transformed the way we work on a day-to-day basis – changing how and why we connect, engage and transact. This has directly impacted the volume and type of devices connecting to a company’s network, putting a strain on IT departments to manage and plan for future growth. cStor’s VDI and Mobility solutions help companies streamline their management and reduce costs through:

  • Management of all devices and platforms (Windows, PCs, Tablets, Smart Phones)
  • A single source of administration for multitudes of desktops/devices
  • Simplified application management through centralized management

As part of its management services, cStor helps organizations with a full range of VDI and Mobility management services, including managing changes to desktops and devices to achieve and maintain effectiveness and efficiency of your VDI system. What’s more, with cStor’s VDI and Mobility solutions, companies can ensure an improved, consistent and uninterrupted user experience.


Estimates suggest at least 20 billion
connected IoT devices by 2020.

Source: Lopez Research (Jan. 2015)

The Growing Need for Mobility and VDI Solutions


7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwideSource: International Telecommunications Union (May 2015)


26.3 billion networked devicesSource: Cisco (Jun. 2016)


10 billion wireless connected devices by 2021Source: International Telecommunications Union (May 2015)


Enterprise Mobility Management


Around the globe, connected devices are seeing bigger growth rates than even population numbers. This means more and more devices are connecting to company’s networks – and it will only grow as new devices with enhanced capabilities and intelligence are introduced and adopted in the market. Mobility solutions are no longer a nice to have for today’s organization, they are a must have.

IT leaders’ business mobility objectives need to address the vast amount and types of data being accessed, downloaded and sent through an ever-changing variety of device types. Both employees and customers expect to be able to work or do business through mobile technologies.

To be successful, cStor can help IT organizations optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud applications and services, regardless of the user’s access point. Additionally, cStor has the expertise to provide user access administration and policy management to support business mobility initiatives. With a wealth of expertise and solutions from best-of-breed technologies, cStor can provide IT with granular control over data, as well as end-to-end visibility into traffic and user behavior, with reporting and auditing capabilities.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


For certain organizations, going all-in on the cloud isn’t feasible or possible. That’s where Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) holds great promise – centralizing management and maintenance, lowering operational costs, improving security and offering flexibility for users in multiple locations on different devices.

VDI simplifies management of your devices and users, allowing you to:

  • Rapidly deploy updates and changes to all users
  • Ensure compliance across all users
  • Easily recover previous versions of apps and files
  • Manage and monitor specific group or locations of users
  • Easily customize desktops for certain users or user groups


More than half of CIOs ranked achieving seamless user interaction across devices as a top priority.

Source: Teena Hammond (2014)

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