Webinar: Backup as a Service Just Got Better!

Backup as a Service Just Got Better!

Hand with mobile smart phone transfering files to cloud folderJust about every organization today is looking at how to leverage cloud infrastructures to improve the speed, agility, and affordability of IT. Trouble is, it’s still a relatively brave new world when it comes to these new technologies, and there is still a massive need for tools, education and help to implement these solutions as efficiently as possible – so that organizations can get to the value of the cloud quickly and without as much uncertainty and risk.

That’s where the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for Backup-as-a-Service (Baas) comes into play. By combining BaaS solutions powered by Commvault and Cisco UCS 3000 platform, you can take the experimentation and guesswork out of the process. No longer do you have to spend valuable time and resources to figure out every aspect yourselves – you benefit from solution design and testing already jointly performed and documented by Cisco and Commvault teams working together. The combined solution helps you:

  • starbucks-gift-cardAchieve benefits of cloud backup solutions faster
  • Eliminate time intensive research, testing and validation
  • Keep you at the forefront of updates and improvements

To learn more about the value of Cisco and Commvault’s BaaS solution, register now for our webinar on Wednesday, October 21st at 10 am PDT and receive a $10 Starbucks card.

[vc_cta h2=”Interested in Learning More?” h4=”Please take an in-person appointment by November 20, 2015 and receive a $50 Visa card.”]To book an appointment, email Chris Krueger or call (480) 760-2120.[/vc_cta]

Please Note: Starbucks and Visa card offers extend to clients and qualified prospects only. Existing customers cannot have purchased this solution from cStor in the past. This event is for cStor clients and qualified prospects only.

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Wednesday, October 21
10:00 – 10:30am PT

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Sunil Polepalli

Sunil Polepalli
Commvault Global Alliance Director

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